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Welcome to Thundering Hooves

There was a quote I read a long time ago below a picture of a woman on a horse which depicted her riding like the wind somewhere out West with the mountains in the background and it said “Begin it, there is genius in it”. This thought has stayed with me for many years. Whenever I had those voices telling me to try something new, and at the same time with the “other” voices (you know, the negative ones that give you all the reasons why something can't work), I would say

“Kathleen, begin it, there is genius in it”! Now, I'm not saying what I tried worked every time, but it's certainly all those times, good and bad, that have brought me here. Where is here? ....On

that continued journey of healing...

It wasn't easy, but I purchased 10 acres of land all because of my horse, Eli. It didn't hurt that I had lived in cities (New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Orlando) for many years and couldn't wait to live in the country. Also, I knew my 4 dogs and scarlet macaw would love it, too! Just a

few weeks ago, I received a call from someone who used to work at the company where I am still employed as station manager for a successful radio station north of Orlando, Florida. She said she had a friend who had hit hard times and needed a place for her 2 horses. The owner of the horses said that the other people she had talked to only wanted to buy the one horse (the 17 hand paint) and not the other (quarter horse), but she wanted to keep them together since they had been together since they were 2 years old. I responded I would try to help thinking I was not prepared myself but would ask around. As you can imagine, I ran into the same issue. I called Pat Atkinson of the Happy Horse Farm Rescue who I have known for some years and he started asking around as well...and as you can imagine, yet again, ran into the same thing... Moving on, the next thing I know I'm picking Pat up to meet the horses just listening to my inner voice and thinking maybe we could take them to the Happy Horse Rescue and I could help financially while Pat was the more hands on person during the day. Well, my friend, that's what happened with one exception, I actually adopted the 2 horses. Pat was a big help as we took his trailer, loaded them up, and haven't looked back.

Cowboy, the paint, and Desi, the quarter horse have needed grooming, worming, teeth done,

farrier, and lot's of hands on! Since they spent a few weeks at the Happy Horse Farm, I was able to see the workings of Pat and his horse rescue in action! His wife, Karen, and other family members as well as friends (some as young as 8 years old) come in to help with the feeding, cleaning, riding, and mending. Some of the horses there are ex-show horses, ropers, race horses; one beautiful grey and white horse lost an eye, but Pat said he can ride him like the wind!!

Now Cowboy and Desi are with Eli and I. I've been able to see progress every day and it's been quite an experience getting to know these two new souls in my life!

Tune in next week for more live audio clips in the continuing journey of Cowboy and Desi as they are on their special journey to healing...sometimes it's nice being taken along for the ride...

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