Enjoy My Radio Interviews...

I am very lucky. My "On-Air" job with WVLG permits me to interview some truly interesting people so I thought I'd capture some of those interviews and share them with you.   Enjoy!

And be sure to tune-in most weekdays (T-F) between 1:00 & 4:00pm to catch my show live.

Julie Fowlis
Autumn Encarnacion
Linda Eder
Eddie Money
Robert Kranze
Hal Linden & Barbara Eden
David Foster
patrick fabian
Heather Ard
George Thorogood
Julia Butler
Gary Lovini
Jon Secada
Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr
Vicky (Mama) Lawrence
Fernando & Susan Varela
George Hamilton
Ray Stevens
Kathleen & Vanna White
Micky Dolenz
Linda Eder & Kathleen
Jack Hanna & Kathleen
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